Video Doorbell / Intercom System Compatibility

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Have one of those fancy Intercom Systems but would now like a Video Doorbell at your front door?

Intercom System Woes

While your Intercom System most likely isn’t compatible AS-IS… I have good news for you! With a few modifications we usually can re-purpose your existing Intercom System Wiring to enable the install of a Video Doorbell at your front doorbell location.

Depending on what type of Intercom System you have, a transformer may need to be installed to supply the correct voltage to the Video Doorbell. The existing front doorbell push-button with intercom speaker will have to go away. We recommend replacing it with a 1” x 6” x 4” Cedar Back Plate for the new video doorbell to mount onto.

It won’t be possible for the new Video Doorbell to use the existing Intercom System “Chime” sound that works through the speaker system in the house, so we recommend installing a Digital Chime Kit inside or near the entryway.

Provided that there is access to the intended new chime location and existing intercom system wiring to the front doorbell location (usually via attic or crawlspace), the work can usually be completed in a half-day or less.

Nest Hello with Cedar Back-plate

Nest Hello with Cedar Back-plate