Video Doorbell / Intercom System Compatibility

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Have one of those fancy Intercom Systems but would now like a Video Doorbell at your front door?

Intercom System Woes

While your Intercom System most likely isn’t compatible AS-IS… I have good news for you! With a few modifications we usually can re-purpose your existing Intercom System Wiring to enable the install of a Video Doorbell at your front doorbell location.

Depending on what type of Intercom System you have, a transformer may need to be installed to supply the correct voltage to the Video Doorbell. The existing front doorbell push-button with intercom speaker will have to go away. We recommend replacing it with a 1” x 6” x 4” Cedar Back Plate for the new video doorbell to mount onto.

It won’t be possible for the new Video Doorbell to use the existing Intercom System “Chime” sound that works through the speaker system in the house, so we recommend installing a Digital Chime Kit inside or near the entryway.

Provided that there is access to the intended new chime location and existing intercom system wiring to the front doorbell location (usually via attic or crawlspace), the work can usually be completed in a half-day or less.

Nest Hello with Cedar Back-plate

Nest Hello with Cedar Back-plate

Not Chuck and a Truck

Nothing against trucks or anyone named Chuck, but when you call NextGen Electric please do not expect a shadetree mechanic. We are highly skilled and specialized in the services we provide, and take pride in offering quality solutions.

We could talk all day about how awesome we are. And most of it would be true, but thankfully we aren't the only ones convinced. 47 out of 49 reviews left in the last year have been 5 Star Reviews (not bad for a Fall 2017 Startup). That's 95%! 

Don't believe us? You can check them out for yourself on Home Advisor, Google, or Facebook! Here are our 5 Favorite 5-Star Reviews:

Review by Meagan S. in Springfield, MO

"NextGen was great. Very professional and got the job done in a timely manner. Hans was really easy to work with and we are very happy with their services."

Review by Gavin H. in Springfield, MO

"Hans was very friendly. He showed up on time and got the job done quicker than he had estimated. The cost was lower than other estimates I had received."

Review by Chuck/Sandie M. in Springfield, MO

"We were very happy with Next Gen from start to finish. They returned our calls, came on time, explained what was involved with each job we requested, gave us an outlined quote and completed the job with quality care. We were very happy and would highly recommend them."

Review by Jenny C. in Springfield, MO

"After trying to install a Nest Thermostat ourselves, we turned to NextGen to install Nest Hello for us.  He was quick in responding, thorough in installing, and provided an overall report on our homes electric system.  He even helped fix a Smart Overhead Garage Door... That even the manufacturer couldn't get to work through their help desk!  Impressed!  I would recommend NextGen when trying to update your home or business."

Review by Jon B. in Nixa, MO

"We found Hans to be very helpful and over the top in service and knowledge. His work ethic is excellent and he is extremely reasonable in his charges. We would recommend highly and look forward to using him again. Also found him to be a man of faith and family."

NextGen Electric Selected by MSU Business Development Program

We are pleased to announce that NextGen Electric has been chosen by the Missouri State Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) for participation in a Feasibility Study project with their Entrepreneurship class for the Fall 2018 semester.

The Feasibility Study is a semester-long partnership between Missouri State University’s SBTDC and Entrepreneurship program, in which undergraduate students will fully evaluate NextGen Electric's business concept(s) to determine if they are feasible. Through this experience NextGen will gain a great understanding of the industry, local market, and financial operations of the business. With the assistance of the SBTDC, students will work with NextGen Electric to research and analyze the business idea(s) allowing the students to work with real clients and bring their academic work to life. Working with a number of students brings forth ideas and suggestions not previously thought of, providing a benefit to both the students and to NextGen Electric. The vast amount of research provided by the students also serves as a great foundation for developing a detailed business plan. 

At the end of the 16-week semester, each client is presented with a (50 page!) physical and electronic report from each of their student groups that includes a business overview, market assessment, operations and management assessment, financial assessment and feasibility study decision. You can view the Feasibility Study flyer with more details as to what is included in each section. NextGen Electric will receive an electronic copy of all research materials used in the study (reports, articles, surveys, etc.), such as industry trends, demographics of target market, and traffic counts. Finally, the student groups personally present their findings to NextGen Electric.

Whole House Surge Protection

Why is it an important investment for your home? 

Think of surge protection as a bouncer at a nightclub. He may only let certain people in and quickly tosses the troublemakers. 

Most of us are familiar with point-of-use surge protector power strips placed behind your TV, or perhaps a more robust APC unit for your computer workstation at the office. But what about your appliances (washers, dryers, heating & cooling systems, garage door openers), smart LED lighting systems? They are all examples of equipment that can’t be protected by power strips. The cost to repair or replace these items far exceeds the cost of a total home surge protection solution.

fs100 angle.png

To effectively surge protect ALL of your home’s equipment, NextGen Electric is proud to offer Siemens FirstSurge™ protective devices. They stop surges right at your incoming services before they can travel down the power, cable and telephone lines damaging your equipment.

Don't delay, call (417) 986-5045 to setup a free consultation today!

See this short and sweet informative video from Siemens to learn more!

Siemens Video - FirstSurge Total Home Surge Protection

Siemens Video - FirstSurge Total Home Surge Protection

A Quick NextGen Update

NextGen Electric specializes in Smart Home Automation and Smart Home Security. We regularly install video doorbells as well as any additional required hardware to set it up. We install the full range of both Nest and Ring products (Did we mention we're Nest Pro Certified?), including smart thermostats, smart locks, security cameras, etc. Want one of your own? Call today to schedule your appointment!

NextGen is hiring! We're looking for 1-2 experienced electricians to join the NextGen team. 5+ years experience desired. Any interested parties should send a resumé to

Amazon Nest Thermostat Firesale

Amazon is now getting rid of all Nest products from their inventory (due to price war with Google, who owns Nest), so you can buy the Nest Thermostat right now direct for 229 (you save $21, normally 249.99). Amazon only has 6 left in stock, so if you want to take advantage of this deal you need to act quickly!

Amazon Nest Thermostat Sale: 

Don't forget to call NextGen Electric to install it for you!