Whole House Surge Protection

Why is it an important investment for your home? 

Think of surge protection as a bouncer at a nightclub. He may only let certain people in and quickly tosses the troublemakers. 

Most of us are familiar with point-of-use surge protector power strips placed behind your TV, or perhaps a more robust APC unit for your computer workstation at the office. But what about your appliances (washers, dryers, heating & cooling systems, garage door openers), smart LED lighting systems? They are all examples of equipment that can’t be protected by power strips. The cost to repair or replace these items far exceeds the cost of a total home surge protection solution.

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To effectively surge protect ALL of your home’s equipment, NextGen Electric is proud to offer Siemens FirstSurge™ protective devices. They stop surges right at your incoming services before they can travel down the power, cable and telephone lines damaging your equipment.

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See this short and sweet informative video from Siemens to learn more!

Siemens Video - FirstSurge Total Home Surge Protection

Siemens Video - FirstSurge Total Home Surge Protection